기사게시날자 : 2019-04-11

주체108(2019)년 4월 11일 [론평]

LKP Should Be Removed


The earthquake that hit Phohang, North Kyongsang Province of south Korea, claiming many casualties and victims and losses of property worthy of tens of billions of won in Nov. 2017, has recently been a source of a serious political issue in south Korea. It was a monstrous disaster to be selected as one of ten-point news.

Quakes, large and small, continue to occur in Phohang and its nearby sea area and several earthquakes measuring 4.0 above on the Richter Scale occurred one after another this year, making people tremble with uneasiness.

The south Korean society is now stunned by an investigation result announced by a "government investigation team" that a geothermal power plant built without a strict geological survey during Lee Myung Bak's and Park Geun Hye's term of office is to blame for the frequent earthquakes.

It was confirmed that the Phohang earthquake is not mere natural calamities caused by seismic activity, but products of the crime committed by the group of conservatives and traitors.

It is a matter of common sense that Phohang, North Kyongsang Province is on fault seismic zone. According to the recent survey result, there is a fault zone as well as the active fault under the Phohang Geothermal Power Plant and the aforesaid fault zone was a source of the earthquake.

Traitor Lee Myung Bak worked out a plan to build a geothermal power plant without any geological survey and pushed it through and Park Geun Hye put the plant into commission despite earthquakes that occurred in the process of construction.

It is not secret that they were prompted by the political ambition to win favor of the people in Kyongsang Province and fusion and financial dealing with construction enterprises.

All the facts go to clearly prove that the group of traitors is, indeed, the one of murderers who sacrifices the safety of the people to the political purpose and profit earnings and the "Liberal Korea Party" is the very one that caused the Phohang earthquake.

A lot of people lost their lives and live with anxiety in a dangerous zone owing to the murderous policy of the group of conservatives and traitors.

Traitor Lee Myung Bak forced the four river projects by squandering the astronomical amount of the blood tax collected from the people despite their strong protests, which brought about the grave consequences of destroying nature and ecosystem and polluting environment and threatening the people's life and health.

The ferry Sewol disaster which buried hundreds of children at sea, a hideous crime committed by the worst traitor Park Geun Hye, sparks off the uproar of the south Korean people.

The LKP coteries claim that the present "government" should make an apology to the people for the Phohang earthquakes in a bid to get rid of the responsibility.

They, far from reflecting on the horrible disaster, are on fire with the greed of power.

Unless the root cause of disaster is uprooted, the great disaster will go on and the whole of south Korea will be reduced into the great disaster-prone zone.

The group of conservative traitors will certainly pay a dear price for the crimes though they wag their tongues to evade the responsibility.