기사게시날자 : 2019-03-14

주체108(2019)년 3월 14일 [기사]


Japanese Reactionaries Hit for Trying to Usurp Territory


A farce of the "Takeshima (Tok Island) Day" is staged in Japan on February 22, every year. On that day, not only high-ranking politicians but also right-wing conservative riff-raffs retired from political circle claim that Tok Island, an inviolable territory of the Korean nation, belongs to Japan and cry out for retaking it unconditionally.

Shortly ago, the afore-said farce took place in Shimane Prefecture.

The Japanese authorities sent high-ranking government officials to the venue to press for "dominium" over the island.

This claim is a preposterous sophism just like setting the cart before the horse.

Japan tries to gain world public recognition of the "Shimane Notice," but the impudent and childish method does not work on anyone.

The Japanese reactionaries' ulterior motive is to turn Tok Island into a disputed territory and occupy it, when an opportunity presents itself.

The Japanese reactionaries dream a pipedream.

Angry voices that the daily worsening Japanese moves to usurp territory should not be allowed and that the pent-up grudge should be wreaked with arms are heard from among the Korean people.

The Japanese politicians should lend an ear to this. They should think twice about what miserable consequences wait for Japan in case the Korean people burst into their anger. They would be well-advised to abandon their foolish ambition to usurp territory, which only invites disasters.