기사게시날자 : 2018-11-07

주체107(2018)년 11월 7일 [기사]

Brisk Industrial Design Information Exchange


Today Korea witnesses not only the fast development of the economy but also that of industrial design. Recently the units which require new industrial designs have increased explosively. And public interest in industrial design is increasing. In 2010 the Korean Industrial Design Information Exchange Center was established so as to study into development of industrial design, pioneer its new domain and promote relevant exchange. The work of exchange is based on the principle of developing the design which should combine practical and aesthetic sides to suit national emotion and sense of beauty. The center regularly gathers and studies international standard data about the trend in the development of the world industrial design and trademarks, and spreads international usage, detailed rules and data of national standard related to industrial design.

The center undertakes active exchange by means of multimedia and publications on the industrial design. It published the picture album A New Sphere in the Industrial Design Development, and made an electronic media on data of industrial designs highly appreciated at national industrial design exhibitions. It printed a second edition of the notice book Furniture and Room Decoration (volumes 1 and 2) that contains information of furniture and room decoration at home and abroad as architecture rapidly develops at home and the level of domestic demand for architectural decoration rises. And it is requested to create architectural designs of buildings and public service amenities, designs for interior and exterior decoration of houses and designs for marks and various trademarks of different units.

As the days go by the center has more and more things to do. It set up a new industrial design development office as advanced techniques are introduced for industrial design. The office is conducting a research project to pioneer a new domain of industrial design. Thus it had designed a lot of elements—they are never used in previous programs—including interfaces and configuration of programs to suit psychology of people who require new and peculiar 3D industrial designs. Cell phone programs Literary Works and Korean Cuisine are typical products which enjoy popularity. Everyone likes the programs as they feel as if they were really opening pages when reading books through the programs.

The industrial design information exchange that promotes a civilized life is becoming brisker in close connection with the life of people.