기사게시날자 : 2019-03-20

주체108(2019)년 3월 20일 [혁명일화]

Tree Planting and Patriotism


One day in July 1960 Chairman Kim Jong Il had a talk with the students who would soon graduate from the higher middle school. At the talk he said as follows:

After the war two willows staunchly stood alive on the Pothong riverside though they had been in flame and torn during the war. Anyone who saw them felt a heart-rending pain. Meanwhile, they were proud of the trees as they had stood firmly in the flames of the war. Such a feeling is just patriotism. Those who have no love for the country cannot value every single tree and every blade of grass…

Look at those trees standing around the school ground. How laudable and beautiful they are. They are the trees we have sincerely taken care of. They have grown up into leafy trees together with us. When we visit our alma mater in the future after graduation and see those luxuriant trees in the school, we will think of the unforgettable school days and keenly feel the great love of the motherly country which brought us up. Not only today but also in the distant future we cannot see them causally because we planted and tended them and in the course of this we implanted patriotism deep in our mind and cultivated it. In the trees growing thickly in the mountains, streets and villages of the country, I see the mind of the new generation of the revolution growing in large numbers.