기사게시날자 : 2018-11-05

주체107(2018)년 11월 5일 [일화]

Best Apartment Houses for Teachers


On September 28, 2013, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited again the construction site of the apartment houses for teachers of Kim Il Sung University, which were near to completion.

Early in January of the year the Supreme Leader proposed to build the best apartment houses for teachers of the university. After the project started, he came to the site to learn about its progress and took necessary measures.

That day he looked into Flat No. 301 of Block No.2. He said that an oval mirror should be hung on the wall near the door so that they might comb their hair or primp themselves before going out, and that a bookshelf should be fixed on the wall above the desk in the study so that they might keep on it the books they usually read. In this way he taught in detail what the officials and builders had not thought of before.

Back out of the flat he asked if the lift was in operation. One official answered that it was in control test after its installation. Then he asked where the indoor recreation hall was. Told that it was on the 17th floor he said he would go up there, heading for the stairs. The officials repeatedly entreated him to go up later by the lift when it was in normal operation. But he said that he should walk up for exercise and began to go up the stairs. Elderly officials followed him, then he told them to remain on the spot as it would be hard for them to climb the stairs.

It was still hot, and the inside of the building was humid, so sweat would roll down the back when climbing one or two storeys. Dripping with perspiration he reached the hall. Saying with satisfaction it was arranged in a unique way, he acquainted himself in detail with the plan of finishing its floor, and instructed that artificial grass should be laid beneath the windows.

Coming out of the building the Supreme Leader said in delight that the apartment houses for teachers of Kim Il Sung University were really wonderful and that he felt satisfaction.

That day he climbed 272 steps.