기사게시날자 : 2018-01-08

주체107(2018)년 1월 8일 [일화]

Meticulous Care


In the playground of the Kyongsang Kindergarten, you can see children play merrily on various amusement facilities like slides and rotary poles and knee-to-knee wrestling on the rubber mats.

Their enjoyment often reminds the kindergarten administrators of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who visited the kindergarten in May 2012. Arriving at the kindergarten the leader shook hands warmly with administrators one by one. He was satisfied that the kindergarten building was marvelous. Presently, however, he became serious looking at the playground and the yard.

The officials didn’t know why, and carefully looked at the yard paved with asphalt neatly and the playground with some amusement facilities including swings.

After a while, the leader said in an anxious voice that he was sorry the front yard of the kindergarten was all paved, and that the playground should be covered by sand or grass for the children not to hurt when they fell down from the swing. Then, he told the officials in charge of the kindergarten construction to cover the playground with sand or grass for the safety of children, and added that since there were only a few amusement facilities like slides and swings in the playground, he would provide some small amusement facilities like a swingboat.

Thanks to his warm care, the wide yard of the kindergarten was covered with rubber mats, and the playground with grass, and the yard and indoor hall were furnished with another ten kinds of amusement facilities. Now children can play merrily to their heart’s content.