기사게시날자 : 2017-10-10

주체106(2017)년 10월 10일 [기사]

Firm Root of the WPK


Today the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) is leading the building of a powerful socialist nation to victory while resolutely overcoming all sorts of challenges unprecedented in the history. The reality of Korea vividly shows the validity and vitality of the WPK’s principle of independence and its independent faith.

The principle of independence the WPK has invariably maintained originated from the Down-with-Imperialism Union (DIU) which was organized in Huadian on October 17, 1926, about 20 years before the foundation of the Party. At that time the nationalists did not believe in the strength of the people and were only engrossed in the factional strife. And the pseudo-Marxists, who were infected by flunkeyism and dogmatism, indulged in empty talks, asserting that they should assimilate the experience of a foreign country, regardless of the actual conditions of Korea that had turned into a colony of the Japanese imperialists.

Kim Il Sung, with a critical view on them, groped for a unique way, entirely unlike them. At last, he thought out the road for independent development of the Korean revolution, and formed the DIU to pioneer the road.

The immediate task of the DIU was to defeat Japanese imperialism and achieve the liberation and independence of Korea, and its final objective was to build socialism and communism in Korea and, further, destroy all imperialism and build communism throughout the world. The program of the DIU was the Juche-oriented, revolutionary one which clarified for the first time the road ahead of the Korean revolution by correctly reflecting the socio-economic circumstances and class relations in Korea and the centuries-old desire of the Korean people, and it was a militant banner vigorously encouraging the Korean people to take the genuine road of revolution for national liberation and class emancipation. Indeed, the formation of the DIU was a historic event signaling a new start of the Korean revolution.

Since then the national liberation movement in Korea broke with the old generation and met a new era of advance based on the principle of independence. The formation of the DIU became the starting point of the struggle for founding a Juche-type revolutionary party, a new-type party of the working class in Korea—it was a historic root of the WPK. Later, that root grew steadily and trained itself in the flames of the arduous anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle.

On July 3, 1930 the Society for Rallying Comrades was formed in Kalun on the basis of the program and rules of the DIU. During the anti-Japanese armed struggle organized by Kim Il Sung, the Changbai County Party Committee, the East Manchurian Party Working Committee and the Homeland Party Working Committee were founded under the unified guidance of the Party Committee of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army (KPRA), establishing a powerful countrywide and all-nation organizational system of the party. In May 1936 the Association for Restoration of the Fatherland was formed, and its branches were expanded across Korea, thus laying a solid mass ground for the founding of the party.

Through the armed struggle against the Japanese imperialists who were armed to the teeth, the soldiers of the KPRA grew up into those strong in ideas and faith who would not give up their revolutionary faith even at the cost of life, and into indomitable fighters who would not lose their revolutionary mettle in any adversity although they had no comrades in the flank and rear.

The Workers’ Party of Korea was founded on October 10, 1945 even in the complex situation of Korea less than two months after the country was liberated in August 1945. This is attributable to the firm root that originated from the DIU. The DIU’s program of building socialism and communism became the program of the WPK, and the principle of independence initiated by the DIU served as the principle of the WPK in its building and work. The DIU was also the cradle of the backbone for founding the WPK.

For over 70 years since its foundation, the WPK built unique Korean-style people-centered socialism suited to the actual conditions of its own country in accordance with its faith and will. Since the consecutive collapse of socialism in eastern European countries at the end of last century the imperialists have kept focusing their offensive on Korea. But the Korean-style socialism is till advancing without vacillation. Under the guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un the WPK is accelerating the building of a powerful socialist nation at the speed of Mallima, holding aloft the banner of independence, Songun and socialism, and thus demonstrating its dignity and fighting efficiency to the whole world.