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주체108(2019)년 9월 1일 [기사]


Korean Jewel Painting


The Korean jewel painting is one of the cultural assets of the Korean nation.

The painting gives peculiar emotions to the people for its harmony of bright and elegant colors, fine and elaborate technique, ornamental effect based on the combination of various materials, expressive composition and stereoscopic form and texture.

The development of the Korean jewel painting with 30-odd-years-long history would be unthinkable without the leadership of the peerlessly great men.

In August Juche 77 (1988), Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the Sangwon Cement Complex and enjoyed several art pieces created with natural jewels and rare stone dust by an artist of the Mansudae Art Studio and appreciated the artist's commendable deed.

And he named the newly-created painting style "Korean Jewel Painting" and took a measure to organize the creative group specialized in it. He saw jewel paintings on several occasions and indicated the directions and ways arising in their creation.

Under his guidance, "The Snow Is Falling", "Tiger of Mt Paektu", "Taedong River in February", "Wisteria Flower and Puppy", etc., were created as the typical works of the Korean jewel paintings.

In 2013, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un instructed to produce portraits of the heroes to be displayed at the hero hall of the reconstructed Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum with the Korean jewel paintings and guided the works on the spot several times.

The Korean jewel paintings were awarded special prizes, gold medals and diplomas at various international exhibitions and fine art festivals.




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