게시날자 : 2020-03-22

주체109(2020)년 3월 22일 [기사]


Demand and Interests of People Are Absolute Criterion

Judging Every Work


Rodong Sinmun on March 12 in an article says that our officials should regard the demand and interests of the people as the absolute criterion judging every work in order to become true servants of the people who always remain true to the people-first principle.

The article notes that to regard the demand and interests of the people as the absolute criterion is a precondition for officials to become true servants of the people.

It goes on:

Officials' posts and duty are associated with the trust of the Party and expectations of the people.

Only when absolute priority is given to the demand of the people, can successes be registered in every work. This is the truth taught by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il by setting practical examples in their lifetime, and the iron truth taught by the revolutionary leadership of our Party.

When officials always find themselves among the masses and share the same mind with and keep pace with them true to the noble intention of the peerlessly great men, they can surely boost the material and technical foundation and production capacity and find a shortcut to the development of their units.

When every work is organized and pushed forward as required by the masses in every sector and unit, their mental power will be fully displayed and uninterrupted advance and leap forward made.

Ideal and goal of officials represent the development speed of their sectors and units as well as the advance of the country.

The ideal and goal can be given scientific accuracy and attained, only when they are based on the demand of the popular masses, the cleverest and most resourceful being.

An official who works hard regarding the demand and will of the people as the absolute criterion for ideal and goal can bring about excellent fruition for the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people.



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