게시날자 : 2020-01-07

주체109(2020)년 1월 7일 [기사]


Rodong Sinmun Calls for Making Breakthrough Head-on


Rodong Sinmun on January 3 editorially says that the Workers' Party of Korea is the great guardian of the nation and the most seasoned and experienced guide of the present times as it turned the DPRK, once eclipsed on the global map, into a powerful country recognized by the world and cultivated a strength strong enough to guarantee dignity and prosperity for all generations to come, in a brief span of history.

It is the unanimous desire and revolutionary will of all the people to splendidly celebrate the founding anniversary of the ever-victorious WPK with resounding victory to be specially recorded in the history of the country, the editorial says, and goes on:

We have our style of powerful fighting strategy to take greater steps in the revolutionary advance in this meaningful year.

The line of launching an offensive for making a breakthrough head-on determined by the Party is a revolutionary fighting strategy and way of advance with which to take the initiative and flexibly turn difficulties to good account.

The offensive for making a breakthrough head-on is the only way to make the country's high strategic position and marked trend of growth irreversible and to usher in a period of upsurge in socialist construction.

Now the hostile forces are making a last-ditch effort.

The more we strengthen in every way our own force, the internal motive force in all the aspects of the offensive for making a breakthrough head-on and create valuable wealth on the strength of self-reliance and self-sufficiency, the greater agony the enemies will suffer and the earlier the day of victory of socialism will come.

The editorial calls for overcoming the difficulties with the indomitable revolutionary faith, ardent patriotism and indefatigable fighting spirit under the leadership of the great Party and to win signal victories stunning the world under the banner of achieving prosperity by dint of self-reliance in this meaningful year marking the 75th founding anniversary of the WPK.



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