게시날자 : 2020-03-24

주체109(2020)년 3월 24일 [기사]


Loving Care Shown for Triplets and Quadruplets


Some days ago, the triplets (girls), who were recently born at the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, and their parents living in Taean District, Nampho City of the DPRK, received a silver knife and gold rings as gifts.

Such silver knives and gold rings were conferred on several hundred sets of triplets and quadruplets, who have been born in the country until now after its liberation (August 15, 1945), and their parents.

This loving step was taken under the warm care of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

One day in May Juche 72 (1983) the Chairman called an official to convey President Kim Il Sung's teachings that frequent births of triplets are a sign of the country's prosperity. And he assigned the official to the task to draw a design of souvenir for triplets.

Later, he acquainted himself with the design and proposed his plan for presenting silver knives and gold rings to triplets. And he said it would be good to carve the year, month and date of triplets' birth on those silver knives (for boys) or gold rings (for girls) separately so that their full birth date can be displayed when three knives or rings are put together.

After all, under his meticulous care and guidance, the present designs of silver knife and gold ring were wonderfully completed.

That's why all the triplets and quadruplets and their parents in the country have treasured the silver knives and gold rings associated with the Chairman's loving care as an heirloom in the family.




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