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주체109(2020)년 2월 14일 [기사]


Unusual Ideo-theoretical Intelligence


Chairman Kim Jong Il further developed and enriched President Kim Il Sung’s revolutionary ideology with his energetic ideological and theoretical activities. One of the Chairman’s ideological and theoretical exploits is that he made an integral comprehensive system of the Juche idea fathered by the President. Earlier, the Chairman had long waged ideological and theoretical activities to develop the Juche idea into an integrated system, and in February 1974 formulated the President’s revolutionary idea as Kimilsungism, which marked a landmark in his full-blooded efforts to the end.

In his historic works including On Some Questions in Understanding the Juche Philosophy published on April 2, 1974 and On Having a Correct Understanding of the Originality of Kimilsungism published on October 2, 1976 he gave profound answers to the theoretical problems of the Juche idea and laid the theoretical basis of the idea. In March 1982 the leader made public his treatise On the Juche Idea which systematizes the idea into a comprehensive integration. In the treatise he clarified extensively and in depth the socio-historical background of the origination of the Juche idea and the features of the time it represents, the philosophical and socio-historical principles of the idea and its guiding principles, and the historic significance of the idea.

The treatise based on a profound thinking and scientific logic was carried by foreign magazines and newspapers of over 90 countries in full text or excerpts in less than a year after its publication. Pamphlets of the work spread rapidly to 144 countries. Seminars and lectures on the work were held widely in many countries and regions.

In the end of last century when the cause of socialism was faced with a grave trial owing to the consecutive setback of socialism in several countries the Chairman wrote a number of works including Abuses of Socialism Are Intolerable and Socialism Is a Science, proving the validity of the cause of socialism and the inevitability of its victory.

The leader published a lot of works giving correct answers to the questions of the time and revolution arising in the building of the Party, the state and the army, and in politics, the economy, science, education, public health and sport.

Once some officials asked the Chairman how he could write works with profound ideological and theoretical contents so quickly. He replied that he had no extra time to write when he had many things to write, that like a thirsty man digs a well, he always thought of his writings over his work, making sentences inwardly over the meal, composing contexts while walking, mulling over topics in the running car, and making outlines of the content in the intervals of work. During the time of writing in the room, he actually put down what he had prepared in his mind, he said.


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