게시날자 : 2019-11-28

주체108(2019)년 11월 28일 [기사]


Korean Nation's Custom of Making Kimchi


Kimchi-making is a peculiar custom of the Korean nation in November.

The custom of kimchi-making was registered as a national intangible cultural heritage and a world intangible cultural heritage.



Kimchi is a subsidiary food indispensable to the Korean people's dietary life.

Kimchi symbolizing the Korean nation has been well known to the world for its fresh taste, peculiar aroma and nutritive and pharmacological value.

In the kimchi-making season, the Korean people would make such various kinds of kimchi as whole cabbage kimchi, watery radish kimchi, kimchi wrapped in large cabbage leaves and mustard kimchi. The method of making kimchi and its materials have been diverse according to regions.

In the DPRK education and research institutions have trained experts on kimchi and conducted researches on it. Meanwhile, kimchi contests and shows are held to promote the development of kimchi-making technology.



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