게시날자 : 2019-01-01

주체108(2019)년 1월 1일 [기사]

Rice-cake Soup Making, National Intangible Heritage

Rice-cake soup making is one of the national intangible heritages in the DPRK.

Rice-cake soup has been regarded as one of festive dishes for the lunar New Year's Day and a daily dish in all areas of Korea with Pyongyang as its center from olden times.

"Ryolyangsesigi" and "Kyongdojapji", national classics, wrote that Korean ancestors had taken "Pyongthang" (rice-cake soup) as must dish on the lunar New Year's Day and introduced its making method.

How to make rice-cake soup is slightly varied according to regions and ingredients.

The tasty and nutritious rice-cake soup has been widely encouraged under the Workers' Party of Korea's policy for protecting national heritages.




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