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Kumar Gupta, PhD of Pharmacology, New Delhi                                                                                            25.2.2020


  The numbers of outbreaks of the devastative COVID-19 and the death tolls thereof are constantly rising ever high in spite of the world top emergency measures, which necessitates not only reinforcement of the said measures, but also searching for a new approach from correct assessment of the steps taken hitherto.  

  An old archive of the traditional medicine of Korea reads, “According to the time-honoured statistics, such climates unmatching the corresponding season, e.g. too warm weather in winter lowers the strength of the lungs, thus causing cold, flu, pneumonia, etc.”  Low strength of the lungs means in our case low immunity.  Each cubic meter of the atmosphere of our normal environment contains millions of microbes where this COVID-19 is not excluded.  

  The weather in Wuhan, China this winter has been too warm for winter, thereby weakening the lungs of its inhabitants. The weakened lungs facilitated activation of the invading COVID-19. But, normal lungs successfully rejected the said virus.

  In short, the channels of the present prevalence of COVID-19 is of course direct contacts with the already infected persons and objects. But, the weak lungs of the humans have been more important reason of this prevalence. This has been proved by the fact that e.g. in South Korea, COVID-19 outbroke by many persons who have never been to China and who have met neither the infected, nor their contacts. From this reason, we should call upon everybody to optimize immunity by physical exercises and by use of immune optimizers in order to resist the random diffusion of COVID-19 virus by the non-or-weak symptomed carriers of this virus in parallel with the restrictions of travel and contacts. There are many herbal medicaments in the Korean traditional medicine such as ginseng derivatives, Sagunja pills, Dannosam, White sapju, Yam, etc. recommended for weak lungs.

  We share with many world scientific entities the same opinion that COVID-19 is also a kind of epidemic flu and therefore, is rejectable by means of immunity against flu. In our experiments we have found that daily physical exercises optimize the immunity in not less level than the immune optimizers. After such exercises or use of immune optimizers, if you feel yourself adequately immunized against cold or flu, e.g. if fever, running nose, cough, etc. disappear, you may be convinced as immunized against COVID-19, too.

  The constant rise of the deterioration rates of COVID-19 is not likely to stop. Therefore, all the powers of the world should bravely take enormous epoch-making measures in order to turn its orientation to alleviation in the first place.

  In the rates of outbreaks of COVID-19 and the death tolls thereby, China is listed No.1, Japan No.2, and South Korea No.3, while the United States in its turn is No.1 in the list of outbreaks of malicious flu recording some 23 million patients and death toll of some 16 000 persons remarkably superseding COVID-19. We have noted that such medically advanced wealthy countries have been alarm-listed in diffusions of not only COVID-19, but also SARS, MERS, Flu, New Flu, etc.

  Our researchers have found that the main reason thereof is the excessive restrictions banning each individual’s self-medical care by outlawing sales or uses of un-prescribed medicines and by allowing injections only inside the hospitals. According to the record, more than 98% of the population do not visit or call doctors without symptoms or with minor symptoms only. The boastful accomplishments attained by their banning of medical misuses are far smaller than the catastrophic harms caused by the excessively restricted approach to popular medicines and syringes. We call upon the Governments of above listed countries to lift or ease the said restrictions to liberate their populations from COVID-19 following the other countries which are free of COVID-19 because everybody therein has already optimized his immunity and removed suspicious symptoms by use of medicaments of his own choice under their Government’s wise policy without such excessive restrictions.

  For example, in 2015 at the time of MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndromes), South Korea, though situated very far from the Middle East, fell the only victim thereof owing to the said horrible restrictions.

  In the case of United States, in every winter almost some 10% of their population fall the greatest victim of malicious flu recording death tolls of some tens of thousands every year simply because of the said restrictions and bans, which, they advocate, are meant for protection of human life.

  The world peoples are yearning for the world free of COVID-19 and revival of the transports, travels and exchanges. But, this shall come true only by strenuous efforts of all of us and by the epoch-making brave measures of the authorities.



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