Post date : 2023-03-12

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Let Us Live Our Own Way - Korean People's Slogan of Faith​


Several decades has passed since the slogan "Let us live our own way!" was put forward, but it is still demonstrating its great vitality and making the hearts of the Korean people burn with enthusiasm for the revolution and struggle.

Holding high this slogan of faith, the Korean people have carried out the revolution and construction in their own way and by their own efforts for the past decades. In those days, the slogan's validity and inexhaustible vitality were fully demonstrated.

With this slogan, they consolidated the politico-ideological position of Korean-style socialism in every direction and glorified the 1970s and 1980s as a great heyday in the era of the Workers' Party.

Even during the tragic situation in which the red flag was lowered in some socialist countries, they remained unfazed and victoriously wrapped up the Arduous March, forced march in the 1990s and laid an eternal foundation for building a thriving nation.

In the new century of Juche, they have dynamically advanced in a Juche-oriented way with national self-respect and faith, irrespective of any conditions and circumstances.

Our own way has been established more thoroughly as our own life and fighting mode that can never be broken, under the distinguished guidance of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

Our own way precisely means the Juche-oriented way and nothing is better than that for us, and this is a truth acquired by our people through their everyday life and struggle in the course of the past decades of the revolution.

At present the Korean people are speeding up the advance of struggle for the comprehensive development of socialist construction by their own efforts as planned and determined by the Party and as timetabled by the Party, holding higher the slogan of independence and self-respect.


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