Post date : 2023-01-26

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Cosmetics Welcomed by People

Last year the Women’s Clothes Exhibition-2022 was held at the Three-Revolution Exhibition House.

The Hangnyon Cosmetics Factory exhibited collagen-adlay emulsion, anti-wrinkle emulsion and other cosmetics, stealing the limelight of women.

The collagen-adlay emulsion prepared from elastic fibre extracted from the skin of animal body is characterized by quick effectiveness in removing pimples.

Han Ok Gyong living in Sungni-dong No. 1, Rangnang District, Pyongyang, said: I have used various medicines to remove pimples and, during the period, I could not use cosmetics. After applying the collagen-adlay emulsion three times the pimples have disappeared completely.

The anti-wrinkle emulsion is very stable and effective as it is made by applying a cutting-edge technology to mix hyaluronic acid, collagen indispensable for the prevention of wrinkle, and vitamins C and E.

Besides, such cosmetics as whitening lotion, aging-retarding cream and night cream made of natural functional materials won public favour for their remarkable effects in skin protection.





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