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Korean-Nation-First Spirit Fully Displayed This Year​


This year too, the people of the DPRK have further displayed the superiority of the nation in every sphere of social life, braving manifold difficulties and ordeals.

Merry tunes of folk songs reverberated in various performances, including the Lunar New Year Performance and the grand performance in celebration of the 74th founding anniversary of the DPRK which were held in the presence of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

A peasant dancing party of agricultural workers and members of the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea celebrating the Day of the Shining Star, the birthday of Chairman Kim Jong Il, was held at the Chonsam Farm in Anbyon County of Kangwon Province and delightful peasant dances were displayed in farm villages across the country with housewarming parties as an occasion to fully show the life of the Korean people glorifying the superior tradition of the nation.

National sports events, including the Lunar New Year's Day Riding Competition-2022 and the 18th Grand Bull Prize National Ssirum Contest, were conducted to give pleasure to the people.

The 10th Cooking Competition marking the Day of the Shining Star and cooking competitions held in every province served as an important occasion in developing the traditional food culture of the Korean nation.

Meanwhile, newly discovered were historical relics of national treasure at Mts Myohyang and Kumgang, a carved Buddhist image in Chongjong-ri, Unjon County of North Phyongan Province, a cave relics dating back to the Paleolithic Age in Rimgyong Workers' District of Kangdong County, Pyongyang City, and the mausoleum of the 25th king of Koryo in Haeson-ri of Kaesong City.

Under the Party's national cultural heritage protection policy, a museum was built in the Rangnang area of Pyongyang to intensively show the time-honored history and brilliant culture of the Korean nation and a folklore park appeared in Ryonggang County of Nampho City.

"Pyongyang Raengmyon Custom" was registered as a representative intangible cultural heritage of mankind, a culture related with Phungsan Dog, the national dog of the DPRK, as a national intangible cultural heritage and Kyongsong Tangogi-soup of North Hamgyong Province as a regional intangible cultural heritage.

National costume was also positively encouraged.

Indeed, this year was a proud year in which the Korean-nation-first spirit had been fully displayed among the Korean people as never before and vigor and vitality prevailed over the whole society.


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