Post date : 2021-12-08

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DPRK Society Overflowing with Virtues and Affection (7)


Many impressive stories have been told in the DPRK where everyone helps and leads each other forward.

Among them is a story about Kim Kang Hwi, a boy living in Phihyon County of North Phyongan Province.

He lost his one leg by accident, but he has led a cheerful life under the deep care of many people.

One of them is An Yu Ran, who was his primary school teacher. She had looked after him with paternal affection for five years.

She voluntarily became the teacher in charge of him and had carried him on her back to school, regardless of weather conditions. She worked out a new teaching plan suitable for his mentality and character to develop his intelligence and, in the evenings, guided his study and life at his home.

On her back, the boy took part in mountaineering and collected botanical specimens together with his classmates. In those days, he came to possess a cheerful disposition and became an honor pupil.

One year, he attended a game for solving problems on his teacher's back at school sports celebrating the anniversary of the Korean Children's Union (June 6). At that time, all the spectators gave their full support to him, touching his heart.

Under the warm care of many people, he could finish the primary school course with honors and advance to the junior middle school.


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