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Shortcut to Overall Development of Our Own-Style Socialism Lies in Implementing Three Revolutions

Rodong Sinmun Friday in an article says that all the people should turn out as one and vigorously step up the three revolutions-ideological, technological and cultural- in order to usher in the new great era of building a powerful nation in this land.

The line of the three revolutions is a programme for socialist and communist construction and the general line of our Party which remains invariable even today as it was yesterday, the article says, and goes on:

The whole history of Juche Korea is the proud one that emerged victorious by dint of the three revolutions.

Had we not held the banner of the three revolutions in the first days of building a new country, we could not have witnessed the birth of heroic people who are carving out their destinies by their own efforts, and the epochal development of our Republic which has emerged as a powerful country from ashes, and also the existence of socialist Korea, which remains unperturbed in the worldwide political turmoil and unprecedented challenges, would not have been imaginable.

The high dignity and prestige enjoyed by our state and people today are all the results of the ideological, technical and cultural revolutions.

Our Party intends to build a powerful socialist country that prospers by dint of self-sustenance and self-dependence in the near future, by accelerating the overall development of socialism.

We should step up the implementation of the three revolutions in order to set a new standard and example in conformity with the demand of the era and the developing revolution, prepare ourselves to be forerunners in the three revolutions setting vivid examples in the struggle, and put our state on a new higher stage of advancement and modernity. Herein lies a shortcut to the overall development of our own-style socialism.

Today our Party calls upon all the people to carry out the three revolutions on a new higher stage.

All the officials, Party members and other people should dynamically step up the three revolutions and attain the militant goals set forth by the historic 8th Congress of the Party without fail and achieve the overall development and prosperity of our own-style socialism.


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