Post date : 2021-11-29

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DPRK Society Overflowing with Virtues and Affection (4)


Three years ago, media of the DPRK carried the news about a student of Tonghae School for Orphans who could walk again after 240-odd days of treatment of paraplegia by tumor.

Her name is An Jong Sim who lost her parents in her childhood. Medical workers of four hospitals and hundreds of people showed their sincerity for her recovery and took care of her with parental affection.

Among them was Choe Son Hui, a girl from Pyongyang. At that time, she was taking care of students' health at Tonghae School for Orphans.

Choe devoted all her love and affection to An Jong Sim during her treatment at hospitals in Pyongyang and local area and the Munsu Rehabilitation Clinic. In the course, she made her mind to become An's mother. An is now leading a happy life in Pyongyang under the loving care of Choe, girl mother, and other benevolent people.

Some days ago, a young man impressed by good deed of girl mother got married to Choe Son Hui to add a flavor to the socialist flower garden.

In an interview with KCNA, Choe said: To be Jong Sim's mother is quite natural in our society where all the people regard others' sufferings as their own. I will bring up her as a true daughter ready to live up to the love and benevolence of the socialist motherland.


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