Post date : 2021-11-27

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Improving Ideological Work Is Essential for Developing Our Revolution


Rodong Sinmun Wednesday in an article says that it is necessary to further improve the ideological work among people to inspire them to continue to achieve precious successes proving the new development of socialist construction.

Only when we give priority to the ideological work in all work and constantly improve it, can the revolution win a victory, full of vigor and vitality, the article says, and goes on:

Improving the ideological work is a fundamental demand for preparing all members of society to be true loyalists, having the revolutionary idea of the Party as their faith and part of their life.

The most important issue and top priority task in the ideological work at present is to imbue the entire Party and whole society with the revolutionary idea of the Party Central Committee.

Improving the ideological work is an urgent demand for arousing the patriotic enthusiasm of all the people to successfully carry out the new five-year plan.

The success in the struggle of translating the Party's plan and decisions into a reality by giving further momentum to the patriotic enthusiasm of the masses depends on how we conduct the ideological work.

The new period of a great upsurge and turn in our revolution can be ushered in only by dint of power of traction and explosive force of ideology.

It is by dint of the ideological work that the patriotic will of the popular masses gets hardened and the struggle for opening wide the avenue of building a powerful country advances full of vigor.

Improving the ideological work is an important requirement for thoroughly establishing socialist lifestyle and moral discipline throughout society.

All the Party and working people's organizations and officials should firmly guarantee the victorious advance of the revolution and the promising future of our state with substantial and dynamic ideological work.


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