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Fishing Vessel Honored with Title of "Daughter of Workers' Party of Korea-Young Heroine"


The fishing vessel honored with the title of "Daughter of Workers' Party of Korea-Young Heroine" takes the lead in a fishing drive in the DPRK.

The vessel gained the name at a time when the whole country was swept by a new innovation drive at the speed of Chollima.

In the 1960s girls who decided to be fisherwomen volunteered to work at the Nampho Fishery Station true to the intention of President Kim Il Sung to conquer the sea.

The first woman captain and fisherwomen of the vessel learnt the sea work with the help of veteran fishermen.

Learning that earth smell is good for seasickness they got themselves tempered on the vessel while carrying a handkerchief of earth with them, and began to work on the vessel in half a year though it is said it will take 3 years even for a man, thus breaking the existing custom.

They did not wait for fish to be caught in the net, but after quickly learning experiences and by introducing various new fishing methods they drew up 4 nets a day, 6 at most.

At a conference of activists in the fisheries held in February, Juche 51 (1962), President Kim Il Sung, after hearing a speech made by the woman captain, praised them as true daughters of the Party and heroines of the times. He proposed calling their vessel "Daughter of Workers' Party of Korea-Young Heroine".

This was the source of power that enabled them to further demonstrate their mental power.

The fishing vessel honored with the title has followed the unchangeable course of faith even during the period when the country was undergoing difficulties by carrying forward the undying spirit of those girls who conquered the sea. It has so far continued to draw big hauls.

In June this year, girls of new generation made resolutions to volunteer to work at the Nampho Fishery Station to be fisherwomen of the fishing vessel.


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