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DPRK Society Overflowing with Virtues and Affection (3)


Six years have passed since Rason City in the northern part of the DPRK healed the flood damage and turned into a socialist fairyland thanks to the warm loving care of the Workers' Party of Korea for the people.

From that time onward, many stories about the newly built modern houses came into being.

Among them is a story about the new house in Manbok-dong in Sonbong District a young student received. He was Hong Yong Won, a student of Sonbong Senior Middle School.

In August Juche 104 (2015) when the city was damaged by flood, he was carried to the Rason City People's Hospital without consciousness.

After receiving first-aid treatment, he recovered consciousness, but his one leg had to be cut off for gas gangrene.

He writhed in bitter grief of losing his family by flood and in thought of one leg to be amputated. Many people including doctors took care of him like his kinsmen.

Scores of consultations were held and several difficult operations conducted.

Expensive medicines which the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un sent to the people in the flood-hit areas were used for his treatment. Doctors and nurses of the hospital gave a transfusion of their blood and grafted their skins to him. And many people showed their sincerity for his early recovery with the mind of real parents and brothers.

It was when he was in the hospital that he received a license for the use of a new house.

At that time, he said that he was not an orphan and he has a real father taking care of his life.

He became to walk again after 60-odd days of hospitalization. He made a deep bow to Kim Jong Un and left for his new house. Officials of the city, teachers, relatives and classmates were waiting for him at his new house.


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