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Ever-victorious Might of WPK Is Might of Monolithic Leadership System


The invincible might of our Party, the tremendous strength of our country lies in firm unity of the entire Party and all the people around the General Secretary Kim Jong Un in thinking and will and in their unified actions under the monolithic leadership of the Party Central Committee, says Rodong Sinmun in an article Thursday.

The history of our Party is a glorious history in which it has advanced forward winning victories by dint of the monolithic leadership system, the article says, and goes on:

The reason that our Party could invariably maintain its nature as the revolutionary Party of Juche in the protracted and arduous revolutionary path and could lead the revolution and construction along the straight path of victory was because it has steadily intensified the work of establishing monolithic ideological and leadership system, regarding the work as the fundamental principle of the Party building and activities.

Through the struggle to thoroughly establish the Party's monolithic ideological system and leadership system, our Party has developed into the ideological pure entity, an integral organization, the Party which achieved the unity of actions, the mother Party serving the people with responsibility for their destiny and the invincible Party with powerful organization ability and militant might.

The proud historical path covered by our country teaches the truth that the Party's leadership is a lifeline of the revolution and construction and that a key to victory lies in thoroughly establishing the Party's leadership system.

The period up to today since the start of the new century of Juche has witnessed intensive struggle for modeling the whole Party with the monolithic idea and new development of the appearance of the Party.

Our Party is further strikingly demonstrating its invincible might as there is Kim Jong Un who is providing wise guidance after clarifying theoretical and practical issues for further strengthening the leadership power of the Party one by one in each period and at each stage of the developing revolution.

As it is led by Kim Jong Un, our Party will in the future, too, powerfully lead the new development of socialist construction and demonstrate all over the world its ever-victorious leadership power.


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