Post date : 2021-11-10

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"Hwawon"-trademarked Products


Products, made with raw materials from scenic Mt. Kumgang in the DPRK, are now favored by the people for their high quality.

They are "Hwawon"-trademarked specialties (natural food), which were registered in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in September Juche 106 (2017) and highly estimated at international exhibitions and fairs and foreign markets.

The "Hwawon"-trademarked products made of honey, edible herbs, mushroom and wild fruits are more than 60 kinds.

Honey is gathered in Onjong-ri of Kosong County, Kangwon Province where Mt. Kumgang is located. Its products are the best in quality in the country. Typical of them is insam honey made with Kaesong Koryo Insam.

Also, dried products like Tricholoma matsutake, Auricularia auricula, Inonotus obligus, Aralia elata, Codonopsis lanceolata, broad bellflower, Schizandra chinensis, Epimedium koreanum and pine pollen are popular for their natural taste and flavor.

The products include deer bone extract and liquors.


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