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Happiness of Scientist Couple


In the DPRK there are many scientists attaching importance to the state affairs before their family affairs.

Among them are Han Chol Hun, a researcher of the Global Environmental Information Institute, and Kim Hye Rim, head of the Hydrogen Energy Institute of the State Academy of Sciences. They are a couple, who won the title of Merited Scientist and a doctorate.

They made various scientific achievements of national significance.

A senior official of the State Academy of Sciences told KCNA:

They had been always busy with their researches. So, this couple was honored to enjoy an unforgettable "honeymoon" at the Yonphung Scientists Holiday Camp for the first time.

They were awarded the title of Merited Scientist at the same time and are now living in an unusual house of the Wisong Scientists Residential District visited by the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Among the photos displayed on the walls of their home is a picture the couple had taken with the attendance of Kim Jong Un at a National Conference of Scientists and Technicians. At that time, Kim Hye Rim presented a bouquet to him on behalf of all the scientists and technicians.

Some days ago, Kim Hye Rim attended the celebrations of the 73rd DPRK birthday and was honored to have a photo session with Kim Jong Un again at the office building of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.

The couple told KCNA that it is their happiness to devote their wisdom and passion to the prosperity of the country.


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