Post date : 2021-09-15

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Rodong Sinmun Calls for Attaining This Year's Goals


Rodong Sinmun on Sunday in an editorial calls for attaining this year's goals without fail by waging a dynamic all-out drive.

To attain this year's goals without fail is indispensable for devotedly protecting the dignity and prestige of our Party and an important requirement for increasing our own strength, our internal driving force, and accelerating socialist construction, the editorial says, and goes on:

Now we are facing a heavy and honorable task to successfully finish this year's campaign and dynamically usher in a period of a new leap forward and gigantic transformation in socialist construction.

All the officials, Party members and other people should make uninterrupted innovations and progress and wage a successive offensive in the high spirit of having celebrated the September holiday with splendor.

All the people should engage in a do-or-die campaign to attain this year's goals specified in the new five-year plan through their redoubled efforts and dynamic struggle.

All sectors and units should wage a more vigorous campaign to attain this year's goals.

They should organize in detail the operations for attaining the goals and work harder to implement them after thoroughly reviewing what they have carried out and what they failed to do in the implementation of this year's goals.

They should give full play to the revolutionary spirit and fighting traits of self-reliance and fortitude.

The main seed and theme of the new five-year plan for the national economic development are, as always, self-reliance and self-sufficiency.

The editorial calls for preserving the prestige of our glorious Party Congress and demonstrating to the world the dignity and honor of Juche Korea by successfully carrying out the first year's tasks of the new five-year plan.


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