Post date : 2020-05-20

Juche109(2020) / 5 / 20 /


Rodong Sinmun Calls for Achieving Victory by Dint of Great Army-People Unity


The entire people and service personnel of the People's Army should vigorously break through all the barriers and challenges to our advance by dint of their unity to make upsurge one after another in building an economic power.

The great army-people unity is a noble tradition of our revolution and proud social customs of Juche Korea.

The speed of our socialist construction represents the speed of upsurge brought about by the might of army-people unity.

Our people and soldier-builders turned Samjiyon City into a dreamland for people, a mountainous ideal city, and built the Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm and the Tree Nursery and Yangdok Hot Spring Resort as monumental creations pride-worthy all over the world last year despite severe trials and completed the Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory as another treasure of national value for building a thriving country this year, true to the grand plan of the Party.

Such brilliant reality clearly shows that there is no limit in the power of the army-people unity.

Now, the hostile forces resort to all sorts of means in a bid to block our advance. But nothing can check even a moment the revolutionary advance of our people and army firmly united in one mind.

The unity of the people and army in ideology, spirit and fighting traits is a big pride and irresistible power of Juche Korea without rival in the world.

Now, we are facing stern challenges and difficulties, but only victory is in store as there are the people and army boundlessly loyal to the cause of the great Party.



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