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   Kumdang-2 Injection

Antibiotics and chemical medicines originated from Europe generate good effects, of course. Nevertheless, at the same time, they terribly harm healthy tissues; raise functional disorders unrecoverable even by vitamins; cause outbreaks of various diseases of liver, stomach, kidney, heart, lungs, spleen, etc.; reduces your strength and even turns your face to dry grey or brown devoid of animation. After long painstaking ordeals to save the mankind from such gradual collapse, the world medical scientists including the British have found that the herbal immune optimizers whelming over immune activators are remarkably more effective than chemical medicines for all diseases and simultaneously protect and activate healthy tissues. From this evidenced philosophy, they enunciated in 2005 the famous motto: “Immune optimizer is the best cure and prevention of diseases and epidemics” and recommended our Kumdang-2 Injection as the best herbal immune optimizer.

When we say immunity is optimized, we mean that the entire immune system is operating to the maximum; adequate quantities of the immune cells such as lymphocytes, phages, killer cells, etc. are fully on the alert, thus being capable to kill all kinds of viruses and pathogenic germs; and the systems of self-curing and autonomous nerves are working to deep satisfaction. For example, in cases of common cold, flu and New Flu including type A and B flues, inject 3 ~ 4 times, 5 ampoules each time with 5 minutes’ intervals between injections, meaning 15 or 20 ampoules in one sequence of injections and 1 ~ 2 sequences a day for 1 ~ 2 days. Then, your immunity suddenly gets optimized and you will instantly experience absolute cure of the said diseases without adversity and later you will hardly fall ill again of any disease. According to the world-wide clinic records, Kumdang-2 Injection has achieved far better results i.e. 100 % instant perfect recovery therefrom, which is beyond comparison with the recent strongest anti-cold medicines such as King Cold, Procold, Cold Fit Plus, Ampicillin, Amoxillin, Ceftriaxon, Norfloxacin, etc.        

The same happened with liver diseases, for which Kumdang-2 Injection has recorded incomparably better non-adverse results in healing speed and recovery rate than: Essential, Silymarin, Carsil (Legalone), Pian Zai Huang (片仔癀), Neo-minophagen C, Hepalyse EX, Hepalyse GT, Hao Gan Pian (好肝片), Entecavir, Interferon, etc. Just the same results have been recorded with all the diseases shown in the “Indication” of the package-inserted leaflet of Kumdang-2 Injection, which includes post-partum diseases, mastopathy (breast diseases), thyroidism, arthritis and insomnia.

As for its manufacture, you first cultivate Koryo ginseng in Kaesong area, Korea for 6 years on rare earth micro-elementary fertilizer hi-technically facilitating inside the plant formation of complex compounds of ginseng poly-saccharides with rare earth elements (Ce, La, Pr, Nd and Sm), Au and Pt. Then you extract the formed compounds therefrom, which you finally process via top hi-tech into the solution of Kumdang-2 Injection, a herbal immune optimizer. Kumdang-2 Injection was first registered with the Ministry of Health of Korea in 1996, which has been followed by 15 countries. Nowadays, this Injection is being exported every month to some 55 countries in huge quantities by air, train and ship.

The “Health Care for All”, a British medical academic entity stated, “For all patients and for all diseases, Kumdang-2 Injection is more efficient, quicker and cheaper than other medicines.” This Injection is colorfully depicted at our domain’s websites and other hundreds of websites over the world. Hundreds of foreign companies are vying with each other to introduce this Injection at their own homepages and publishing and distributing beautiful advertisements.          

Recently Kumdang-2 Injection has been officially recognized by the world health sector as one of the most effective medicines in the world. Tass, Pravda, Xinhua, the Guardian, CNN, UPI, AP, the Schuteron, German N-TV, SNS, twitter, google, alibaba, facebook and many other world mass media named this Injection Elixir of Life and are continuously reporting that its unbelievable effects superseded chemical drugs; that this Injection easily cured many malignant diseases, epidemics, flu, New Flu including type A and B flues, etc; and that it has miraculously saved many critical cases. In some countries including Mongolia, they are hosting Kumdang-related symposiums, seminars and national competitions “To know Kumdang better”.

Action: It revives and multiplies cells and optimizes the systems of self-curing, immunity and autonomous nerves.

Effects: Optimizes immunity; functions anti-virus, antibiotic, anti-allergy, anti-cancer, anti-pyretic, analgesic and anti-oxidant, expedites growth, prevents aging and gives you strength.

Indication: Cures and prevents: hepatitis, liver damage by alcohol, liver cirrhosis, liver ascites, gastrosis, colitis, pancreatitis, diabetes, thyroid diseases, autonomic nerve disorder, insomnia, debility, stomach cramp, sitotoxism, common cold and flu, New Flu including type A and B flues, uterine and other intestinal hemorrhages, engorgement, allergic skin diseases, cancer, mastopathy (breast diseases), various inflammations, hypotension, cardioneurosis, postpartum disorders, arrhythmia (irregular pulsation), stenocardia, rheumatic arthritis, narcotic drug addiction, spontaneous gangrene, morning sickness, etc.

* The underlined cases among the above could be fully cured only by Kumdang-2 Injection.

  - Common cold and influenza have been instantly cured.

- Upon injuries and medical operations the periods of recovery have been shortened more than 8 times.

- Joint use of Kumdang-2 Injection with antibiotics and other chemical drugs lifted the latter’s adverse effects and remarkably expedited the healing process.

-  In treatments of cancer and TB, Kumdang-2 Injection’s single use or its joint use with other medicines have resulted in miraculous effects.

-  Eliminates facial blotches, rashes, inflammations, etc., makes the skin white and tender, and improves facial beauty. Upon only rubbing the solution of “Kumdang-2 Injection” on the face like cosmetic lotion without injecting it you will experience better effects than Christian Dior, Lancôme, SK-II, Shiseido, etc.

Adverse effects: None. This Injection does not contain ginseng-saponin. Therefore, it does not entail such adversities that may spontaneously be caused by ginseng.

Contra-indication: None.

Administration: Please, refer to the leaflet enclosed in the package.






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