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U.S. Moves to Hinder Detente
on Korean Peninsula​ is Blasted


The U.S. is swimming against the trend for the détente on the Korean peninsula.

At a time when the dialogue and cooperation are under way between the north and the south and the atmosphere for détente has been created on the Korean peninsula thanks to the DPRK's noble patriotism and will for safeguarding peace, the U.S. is kicking up a racket for confrontation through the farce for independent sanctions on the DPRK.

Announcing the sanctions measure for sea blockade aimed at the complete shutdown of sea trade of the DPRK with other countries on Feb. 23, Trump openly threatened the DPRK that if the sanctions do not work, it would go into the "very rough phase 2".

The chairman and the first vice-chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the Russian Federation Council contended that the U.S. sanctions on the DPRK give impression that the U.S. has intent to escalate confrontation, not to settle the issue through dialogue. They added that any strike of the U.S. at the DPRK can result in serious conflict.

The Chinese People's Daily (overseas version) on its February 27th  issue noted that at a time when the situation on the Korean peninsula has just been defused and both the north and the south urgently demand the dialogue, the U.S. is set to impose "self-righteous" sanctions on the DPRK, thereby pressing "backward acceleration" pedal against the requirement of the times.

It would be foolish to think that the DPRK will be browbeaten by such additional sanctions farce as it has acquired everything it could despite the decades of the harshest sanctions in the world.

The situation clearly proves that the U.S. which cooks up all kinds of sanctions measures and holds provocative war drills whenever there created atmosphere for détente on the Korean peninsula is the chief culprit escalating the tension on the Korean peninsula and the disturber of the world peace and security.

Recently the U.S. openly declared that it would start Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises in upcoming April as scheduled while crying out for the resumption of the exercises, thereby openly disclosing its intention to bring dark clouds of a war to hang over the Korean peninsula.

Commenting on this, many countries of the world including those around Korea are denouncing and rejecting it as a dangerous act that can chill the atmosphere for the north-south reconciliation and push the situation on the peninsula back to the phase of tension.

The Washington Post and the Indian political and diplomatic magazine Political Event and other media of the world commented that if the U.S. pressurizes south Korea into holding large-scale joint military exercises right after the Olympics are over, it would naturally provoke military response of the DPRK and the situation will go back to the touch-and-go one.

The U.S. moves deserve denunciation of the international community as they are aimed to check the reconciliation and unity of the Korean nation and aggravate the situation on the Korean peninsula at any cost, defying the desire and wish of the international community.

The chairman of the U.S. Council of Foreign Relations claimed that if the U.S. seeks to deal with the nuclear issue of the Korean peninsula more reasonably, it should not adopt the confrontation mode such as muscle-flexing and malicious word-fighting but go back to the traditional diplomatic mode.

As had already been stressed several times, if the U.S. finally holds joint military exercises while keeping sanctions on the DPRK, the DPRK will counter the U.S. by its own mode of counteraction and the U.S. will be made to own all responsibilities for the ensuing consequences.

The U.S. should clearly understand this and exercise prudence.

The international community has to heighten vigilance against the U.S. moves and raise voices against them.

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