Post date : 2018-03-01

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The U.S. Is the Biggest Obstacle to the Peace of Korea


It was disclosed that the U.S. staged a military drill codenamed Warrior Strike in league with the south Korean military warmongers on the threshold of the Winter Olympics, under the pretext of improving the skills to remove the DPRK’s nuclear weapons and missiles.

The drill, held at mock establishments including an underground tunnel, involved the main force of the U.S. Second Division.

The division got notorious during the Korean War and has played the role of advance party in every aggression war drill staged in south Korea.

It is nothing but a provocative act of war maniacs to hold in check the stream of the improvement of the inter-Korean relation at any cost.

From the start, the U.S. did not want to see the improvement of inter-Korean relations and has done things only harmful to the atmosphere for improved relations and detente by deliberately aggravating the situation.

Such actions convince the DPRK once again that the interference and aggression moves of the U.S., chiefly responsible for the aggravation of situation, should be decisively to ensure the smooth progress of improved inter-Korean relations and peace on the Korean Peninsula.

The U.S. is the very one that escalates the tensions on the peninsula and stands in the way of the reunification of the Korean nation.

If the atmosphere for improved inter-Korean relations and detente is spoiled, the entire blame for it will rest with the U.S.  With any tricks the U.S. can never get rid of the responsibility.




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