Post date : 2018-02-15

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The U.S. is Warned against "Bloody Nose Operation"

Days ago, the members of the National Security Council of the White House said at a closed meeting of U.S. experts on the Korean peninsula affairs that Trump is seriously discussing the "bloody nose operation" and the limited attack on the DPRK will help Trump's off-year election. This created quite a stir after its disclosure to the public.

Against this background, domestic and foreign media, relating the "operation" to the facts that the appointment of a person informally designated as the U.S. ambassador to south Korea was withdrawn for his rejection of Trump's tough military plan and that the nuclear strategic assets and special units of the U.S. are being massively deployed in and around Korean peninsula, estimated that a military conflict may break out on the Korean peninsula in late March or early April after the Winter Olympics.

The practical moves of the Trump clan for the realization of the "bloody nose operation" are an intentional provocation aimed to destroy the peaceful atmosphere on the Korean peninsula created by the initiative measures and efforts of the DPRK and turn the present situation back into confrontation and war.

It is the invariable intention of the U.S. to realize its strategy for domination over Asia-Pacific while keeping the situation of the Korean peninsula constantly tense.

It is for this reason that the U.S. is trying to put a brake to the present current of improving north-south relations and lead the situation to the escalation of tension, being unhappy about the detente on Korean peninsula.

But the DPRK will not give up its option, being frightened by the threat and blackmail of the U.S.

The U.S. should stop acting rashly, mindful that it will face unimaginable tragic consequences if it provokes the DPRK through so-called "bloody nose operation".


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