Post date : 2018-01-15

Juche107(2018) / 1 / 15 /

Embodiment of Fixed Will of Reunification

and Love for Nation​


Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un clarified bold and compatriotic stand and proposal for improving inter-Korean relations in his New Year Address.

This is the expression of the respected Supreme Leader's fixed will for national reunification and noble love for nation to improve inter-Korean relations and achieve a breakthrough for independent reunification by the efforts of the nation.

It is the fixed will of the Supreme Leader for national reunification to accomplish the cause of independent reunification of the country true to lifelong intention and behest of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il.

The Supreme Leader put forward the line of independent reunification of the country on the basis of the Juche-oriented idea and line of national reunification set forth by the great leaders and their undying feats in conformity with the requirements of complicated situation and changing times and saw to it that the driving force for national reunification were consolidated, thus ensuring that the struggle for national reunification would be launched on a fresh higher stage.

He provided a sure guarantee for the independent reunification of the nation by making sure that the DPRK possessed powerful war deterrent capable of smashing any enemy at a strike with his indomitable will and do-or-die struggle in the face of the hostile forces' vicious challenges of aggression and moves to isolate and stifle the DPRK.

National reunification is the most urgent and vital task facing the Korean nation.

The Korean nation has suffered the pain of division for 70-odd years owing to outsiders' persistent ambition for aggression and anti-reunification moves by warmongers at home and abroad, and exposed to the constant threat of war in the biggest hotspot in the world.

If the Korean nation which has eagerly aspired after national reunification for a long period fails to achieve a breakthrough for national reunification at an early date, the country's reunification will be a long way to go and the danger of permanent division will further increase in this land.

In view of the prevailing situation on the Korean peninsula and the fundamental interests of the Korean nation and the trend of the times, the New Year Address reflecting the peerlessly great man's firm will for reunification and warm love for nation has touched heartstring of all the fellow countrymen wishing for peace and reunification.

All the people in the north and the south and abroad will have to more vigorously turn out in the patriotic, sacred struggle for making a fresh history of national reunification by smashing the moves of anti-reunification forces at home and abroad with concerted efforts of the nation, true to Kim Jong Un's steadfast idea of national independence, firm will for national reunification and noble love for nation.


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