Post date : 2018-01-14

Juche107(2018) / 1 / 14 /

Inter-Korean Relations to Be Improved by Our Nation Itself​


The New Year Juche 107 (2018) is a significant year both for the north and the south of Korea.

To improve the inter-Korean relations by concerted efforts of the north and the south is an important issue not only for celebrating the great national events in a splendid manner but also demonstrating the dignity and spirit of the nation at home and abroad.

It has been 70 years since a homogenous nation with the same blood and language was divided by the outsiders.

The consciousness of national independence makes a nation strong and a country prosperous, but the flunkeyism and idea of dependence on outside forces are the venom which makes the nation slavish and spiritless.

Through the distress-torn history, the Korean nation have already experienced that the submission to and dependence on outside forces precisely mean the national ruin.

The master of improved inter-Korean relations is not the outsiders but the Korean nation itself. And it is none other than the Korean nation which will grow wealthy and powerful, if the north and the south achieved the reconciliation and unity.

It is so clear that everything will go well to meet the aspiration and will of the whole Korean nation when the north and the south hold sincere discussions over the improvement of inter-Korean relations and seek a way out for its settlement in a bold manner on the basis of the concerted efforts of the nation without being obsessed by bygone days.


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