Post date : 2017-11-25

Juche106(2017) / 11 / 25 /

   S. Korean Regime's "New Southern Policy"

The chief executive of south Korea advertised about what is called "new southern policy" and asked for affirmative cooperation in it during his recent tour of Southeast Asian countries.

Such behavior was prompted by his sinister and crafty scheme to inveigle Southeast Asian nations into the anti-DPRK sanctions and pressure campaign.

The "new southern policy" is no more than a last resort of the south Korean puppet authorities to get rid of diplomatic isolation and crisis caused by their own traitorous policies as they are hell-bent on sycophancy and treachery with dependence on the U.S., Japan and other neighboring powers.

The south Korean regime is a servant faithful to the U.S. strategy and war policy for domination over Asia. It is brazen for such servant to tout “new southern policy” and advocate the regional peace and cooperation.

If the puppet authorities continue to escalate distrust and confrontation between the north and the south with such sinister policy, they should be entirely blamed for the consequences arising therefrom.


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