Post date : 2017-10-24

Juche106(2017) / 10 / 24 /

Anti-Trump, Anti-U.S. Struggle Headquarters Formed in S. Korea


A meeting was held in Seoul on Oct. 16 to form an anti-Trump and anti-U.S. struggle headquarters, according to the south Korean online paper Minjok Ilbo.

The People’s Democratic Party, the Peace Accord Movement Headquarters, and other political parties and organizations called this meeting when the U.S. and the south Korean puppet forces began a joint naval drill against the DPRK.

The participants in the meeting made public an appeal titled “Let Us Avert War without Fail through Anti-Trump and Anti-U.S. Struggles!”

The appeal expressed the will to make all-out efforts to avert war and hold on the indomitable struggle to drive the U.S. troops from south Korea.

They marched up to the “government” building.

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