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KCNA Report on Heroic Feats Performed by Young People in Annals of Socialist Construction


The Korean Central News Agency issued a report on Saturday on the heroic feats performed by young people of the country at the most difficult and labor-consuming sites in the annals of socialist construction.

The idea of the Workers' Party of Korea of prioritizing youth and its leadership has been a motive power that helped our passionate young people to glorify their youth period as performers of feats in socialist construction and heroes of the times, the report said, and continued:

When the whole country turned into ruins after the three-year war, President Kim Il Sung made sure that the young people took the lead in the grand project for building a powerful and prosperous socialist country, counting on them.

Within just 12 hours after the end of the war Pyongyang-Sinuiju passenger train began operation and within one week passenger trains were put into operation in all the main railway lines and in less than two months, the electric furnace No. 2 of the Kangson Steel Plant (at that time) was restored. All these miraculous achievements were associated with the proud feats performed by the young people.

The national young socialist builders' conference in March 1958 which was held in the presence of the President drastically raised the high spirit and revolutionary enthusiasm of the young people determined to dedicate themselves to the worthwhile struggle for solidifying the foundation for building a powerful and prosperous country.

After the conference more than 2 300 young people from across the country volunteered to work at the site for developing Phyongnam coal field. And lots of other young people volunteered to fields of important significance in the development of the national economy and improvement of people's living.

In 1961-1969 period, over 1.5 million young people volunteered to difficult and labor-consuming fields and over 2.6 million young people joined more than 70 000 youth shock brigades. Also the number of youth workteam, youth workshop (pit) and "the Minchong (the Sarochong)" machine tools increased to over 3 580, 520 and 3 800 each. This is clear evidence showing the revolutionary stamina and fighting spirit of young people who glorified the era of legendary stories on Chollima.

The tradition of heroic struggle of young people opening up the breakthrough in socialist construction with great creation and innovation were steadily carried forward in the decades of the revolution and construction.

The feats of young people were further glorified under the outstanding politics of attaching importance to youth pursued by Chairman Kim Jong Il who set forth the slogan "Love Youth!" for the first time in history and led the rising generations step by step to grow up to be the successors of the revolutionary cause of Juche.

The High-Speed Youth Shock Brigade personally organized by the Chairman fully demonstrated its might as a regularized and powerful militant unit opening up the breakthrough in major sites of socialist construction in the speed campaign.

The members of the youth shock brigade went to the new Pyongyang-Madong railway construction site and finished the railway electrification project in less than two months though it was said to take more than two years.

Numberless are admirable creations built by the High-Speed Youth Shock Brigade in the era of the Workers' Party including the Dressing Plant No. 3 of the Komdok Mining Complex, Kowon-Pongsan railway electrification project, Haeju-Sariwon railway electrification project, Grand People's Study House, Mangyongdae Fun Fair, Pyongyang Department Store No. 1, Changgwang Health Complex and Changgwang Street (1st phase).

The young people displayed their patriotism and militant spirit in the struggle to carry out the grand fighting programme set forth by the 6th Congress of the Party.

With the 7th Congress of the League of Socialist Working Youth of Korea held in October 1981 as an occasion, the young people took further confident steps forward along the direction of advance indicated by the Party, hardening their pledge to display their honor as pioneers and shock brigade of socialist construction.

Slogan "Let's become young heroes in worthwhile struggle for glorifying Kim Jong Il's era!" served as a sign of faith of the young people who volunteered to work at the site for laying railways in the northern part of the country and it represented their revolutionary enthusiasm.

Since the start of the project on December 1, 1983, the members of the youth shock brigade advanced in full spirit, thus completely finishing all the project construction in the first phase section by August 25, 1988.

Whenever there presented difficult and heavy tasks in the revolution and construction, our Party opened up the breakthrough of advance, firmly believing in youth as the reliable support point. It brought the young people to the fore of the grand advance movement in the 1990s.

The revolutionary stamina and indomitable fighting spirit of our young people were fully displayed in the construction of the Youth Hero Motorway.

Young people went to the construction site from across the country and completed the huge project in a span of over 700 days despite difficult conditions beyond imagination.

Our young people grew up to be patriots and heroes who put the country above their own luxury under the care of the Chairman, and the youth league has been honored with the noble title of reserve combat unit and detached corps of the supreme commander.

Under the wise leadership of the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, our young people have grown up to be pillars propping up the socialist country and have greeted the greatest heyday of the youth movement in the new era of the Juche revolution.

In hearty response to the Party's militant appeal to wonderfully build Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station by the 70th anniversary of the Party, the members of the youth shock brigade created the spirit of Paektusan hero youth and the myth of heroic youth of carrying out the huge task which would take 10 years at normal speed in little over 120 days despite the severe cold in the northern area.

During the 70-day campaign for greeting the 7th Congress of the WPK with high political enthusiasm and shining labor achievements, a total of more than 1.2 million young people vied each other to take part in shock brigade activities and performed collective innovation.

The young people of the whole country are now all out to the gigantic struggle to open up the breakthrough in the implementation of the new five-year plan along the direction of historic advance indicated by the 8th Congress of the Party.

More than 10 000 young people readily volunteered to difficult and labor-consuming fields desired by the Party, stirring up the era up to now since the Party Congress.

The revolutionary enthusiasm and fighting spirit of millions of young vanguard upholding the idea and spirit of the 8th Congress of the Party has gained further momentum with the 10th Congress of the youth league as an occasion.

Our young people are full of revolutionary enthusiasm to powerfully demonstrate their honor as a reliable scouting unit, a wing and death-defying corps of the Party in the sacred and patriotic path for ushering in the new era of a powerful country under the leadership of Kim Jong Un while carrying forward the proud history and tradition of the Korean youth movement generation after generation.



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