Post date : 2020-06-18

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We Will Never Sit Face to Face with S. Korean Authorities: Director of United Front Department of WPK Central Committee


Jang Kum Chol, director of the United Front Department of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), made public the following statement on June 17:

We exploded the eye-sore north-south joint liaison office on Tuesday.

Much upset by this, Chongwadae held a meeting of the Security Council and clarified an official stand on the result of the meeting. But it only tried to shift the blame on to the other by employing the very old method which they had resorted for a long time in the past, ridiculously threatening somebody.

We watched Chongwadae when it made blind screaming to save its face at least, expressing strong regret, terming our step an act contrary to expectations and asserting the full responsibility for all the situations rests with the north and if we take measures continuously worsening the situation, it would strongly react.

It has been exasperated and pushed to the corner till now by our sharp rebuke that it connived at the hostile acts against the DPRK by human scum. It has also been under strong criticism at home for its humiliating policy of low posture and the policy of behaving at the beck and call of the north. So it seems that south Korea felt an urgent need to keep its face this time.

The chief culprit, who reduced the north-south declaration and agreement made under the eyes of the whole nation and the world into a scrap paper still, has temerity to pass the buck.

The provocateur who hurt what we deem sacred pushed the situation to the nadir by enraging our people. Does it have face to clamor for punishing someone?

The world knows well who the chief culprit to be accountable for the on-going situation is.

The mishap is what it deserves for its crime, but it tries to shift the blame on to us, despicably talking about the responsibility for the crisis, far from feeling remorse.

We will take the responsibility without reluctance, as it has nothing harmful to us.

We are never afraid of whatever responsibility, as there are nothing to be implemented and no future for the north-south relations though we have many vis-a-vis talks with such coward, weak and despicable guys.

We have no idea to sit together with the authorities of the south side who evoke only disgust and nasty feelings.

That's why we began removing means for contact between the north and the south.

We will remain unperturbed though we bear the responsibility for the total catastrophe of the inter-Korean relations.

When considering the merits and demerits, we have nothing to lose.

It is a matter of concern to the south Korean chief executive who has engrossed in making administrative records during his stay in office, and we have never dealt with the south side for the sake of some profits.

Therefore, there will be neither exchange nor cooperation with the south Korean authorities in the future.

And there will be no word to be exchanged.

It is our stand that we had better regard everything that happened between the north and the south as an empty dream.

Through the present crisis, we feel fortunate as we have confirmed once again the conclusion that the enemy is the enemy, after all.

It has been proved that we made quite correct decisions.


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