Post date : 2023-05-04

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Corn-planting Conducted at Final Stage​


Corn-planting is progressing at the final stage in rural areas of Kaesong City in the DPRK.

Tokam, Samgo and Singwang farms in the city finished corn-planting in the right time and with proper quality while strictly observing the technical requirements for treatment of seeds.

Kwangsu, Oksan and Ryohyon farms in Kaephung District set the number of plants per phyong in consideration of the characteristics of each species, the level of fertility of soil and the amount of fertilizer and actively applied various methods of corn-planting.

Daeryon and Toksu farms in Panmun District are stepping up the transplanting of humus-pot seedlings and sowing at the final stage while taking precautionary measures to prevent damage from draught.

Agricultural workers in Jangphung County have also ensured the total number of plants per plot by filling empty plots with plants.


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