Post date : 2023-05-04

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Priority Given to Power Supply for Countryside​


The electric power industrial sector of the DPRK directs its efforts to providing electricity needed for the countryside on a priority basis.

Employees of power stations across the country are bringing about an upsurge in production, with awareness that they are responsible for the agricultural front together with the agricultural workers.

The Pukchang Thermal Power Complex, the East Pyongyang Thermal Power Plant and the Chongchongang Thermal Power Plant have carried out their daily quotas by conducting the scientific organization and guidance on production with main emphasis on raising the operation rate and performance of equipment.

Amid the hot wind of socialist emulation, Suphung, Pujongang and other power stations have put water control on a scientific basis to suit the weather conditions and ensured effective inspection and preventive repair to keep the generating equipment in full-capacity operation.

Meanwhile, they took positive measures to supply electricity necessary for irrigation and production of farm machines and accessories.

Work is going on to supply electricity on a priority basis to South Hwanghae Province, the country's west coastal granary, and reduce the loss of electricity in transmission to the maximum.


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