Post date : 2023-05-03

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Many University Graduates Volunteer to Work at Difficult Sectors in DPRK​


University graduates from Jagang Province, North Hamgyong Province and Kaesong City of the DPRK volunteered to work at remote island branch schools, schools in mountain villages and clinics in rural areas.

Over ten graduates of Kanggye University of Education and Kanggye Teachers Training College requested their respective Party and youth league organizations to send them to schools in mountain villages

Graduates of Kim Jong Suk Teachers Training College and Chongjin O Jung Hup University of Education volunteered to become teachers at schools in mountain villages and island branch schools in Samjiyon and Rason cities. And those of Kyongsong Medicine College University and Chongjin University of Medicine volunteered to work at clinics and hospitals in rural areas true to the Party's public health policy.

Teachers of the new generation who graduated from Songdo University of Education in Kaesong City, too, vowed to work at schools in forefront island villages.

The certificate of petition was conferred on the volunteers at send-off celebratory meetings participated by officials, youth and students of the provinces and city. And congratulatory speeches and resolutions were made there.

Officials, youth and students gave the volunteers bouquets and encouraged them.


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