Post date : 2023-04-16

Juche112(2023) / 4 / 16 /


Cement Production Goes up in DPRK​


Cement production units in the DPRK are busy turning out cement for major construction sites.

The Sangwon Cement Complex has effected a productive upswing in the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance. By exploring and tapping internal reserves, the workers of its calcinating shop repaired the cement kilns ahead of schedule and positively applied rational working methods to raise their operation rate.

The Sunchon Cement Complex is stepping up the production with strict reliance on its own technical personnel. It has striven to improve the technical knowledge and skills of workers through effective sci-tech education and introduced efficient methods to augment the quality and productivity of cement.

Officials and workers of other cement production units in the country are putting spurs to the increased production drive, operating the equipment at full capacity.


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