Post date : 2023-04-15

Juche112(2023) / 4 / 15 /


Birthday Spread Sent to Woman Centenarian​


The number of centenarians enjoying a happy life is increasing day by day in the DPRK thanks to the policy of the Workers' Party of Korea of protecting the aged.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un sent a birthday spread to Ko Po Ok, a woman centenarian living in Ryanggang Provincial Old People's Home.

She extended her gratitude to Kim Jong Un, with deep emotion at his loving care of being considerate of an ordinary old woman, though he was busy looking after overall state affairs.

She said that the socialist system and the harmonious country where all the people help and lead each other forward and share love and affection as one family are the best in the world.

Ri Thae Il, chief secretary of the provincial Party committee, and other officials of the Party and power organs of the province and employees and members of the old people's home celebrated the event together.


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