Post date : 2023-01-26

Juche112(2023) / 1 / 26 /


Public Health Policy Boosted in DPRK​


Innovative measures are being taken in the field of public health of the DPRK to further intensify the socialist popular public health policy.

Officials in the field of public health have studied and discussed in depth the measures for implementing the political tasks for this year on the basis of the important guidelines for struggle set forth at the Party plenary meeting and worked out goals and long-term plans for the development of their units in a realistic way.

Practical measures are being reinforced to strengthen the overall groundwork for public health.

The work for intensifying prevention and treatment of contagious diseases and steadily improving the level of medical service takes concrete shape.

All efforts are concentrated on the work to intensify the emergency epidemic prevention work, regarding it as the top-priority state affair, and maintain and control the country's anti-epidemic situation in a stable way in case of an outbreak and spread of any epidemic, this year, too.

Pharmaceutical factories and Koryo medicine factories are striving to increase the production of reserve medicines and efficacious Koryo medicines conducive to protecting the lives of the people and promoting their health.

The Myohyangsan Medical Appliances Factory, the Nampho Medical Appliances Factory and other factories are carrying out the work as planned to reinforce the equipment needed for improving the quality of products, increase the production of medical appliances including ventilators and develop new production processes.


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