Post date : 2021-09-25

Juche110(2021) / 9 / 25 /


Recycling Waste Materials Brisk in DPRK


A work to recycle the waste materials is gaining further momentum in the DPRK.

Technology and processes for recycling waste materials have been established at scientific research institutes and enterprises.

An effective technology was developed to obtain fine ethylene glycol, benzol and high-efficiency cold-resistant plasticizer from the spent plastic bottles and use the leftovers from this process as heat-insulating material.

Through recycling, industrial establishments have turned out various products in great demand for people's livelihood and construction. A certain factory produces 200 kinds of goods with plastic waste of 65 percent on the average.

The 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea stressed that all the sectors of the national economy should step up the production and construction under the banner of self-reliance and keep up the home production of raw and other materials and recycling as a major policy-oriented task.


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