Post date : 2021-09-24

Juche110(2021) / 9 / 24 /


New Technical Innovation Schemes Introduced to Coal Industrial Field


The coal industrial field is increasing coal production through mass technological innovation movement.

The Ministry of Coal Industry has introduced more than 300 valuable technical innovation schemes up to early September.

The Tokchon Area Coal-Mining Complex has introduced more than 60 valuable technical innovation schemes in the recent two months.

The Namyang Coal Mine introduced mobile direct current welding machine while the Wolbong Coal Mine manufactured a new type pump.

The Pukchang Area Youth Coal-Mining Complex has introduced scientific and technological achievements one after another to benefit from them.

The Namdok Youth Coal Mine is generalizing to many coal mines its experience in inventing a device needed for the normal operation of pumps.

Coal mines under the Sunchon Area Youth Coal-Mining Complex have set up a V-type iron prop production base and built a heat treatment furnace for increasing the quality of accessory parts.

Coal mines of other complexes are also actively introducing technical innovation schemes of great significance in increasing coal production.


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