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Opening Up a New Era of Mallima


Enthusiastic, selfless devotion of the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to the country and people serves as a powerful stimulant for the Korean people to make miracles and innovations.

The DPRK is witnessing an era of fresh leap forward, the Mallima era, being opened up in the country, although the frantic attempts by the imperialists and the enemy against it have gone to extremes.

In January 2016 the Supreme Leader visited the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill. Saying that the Party members and other working people should inherit the fighting spirit and mettle of the preceding generations who had performed miraculous achievements, always asking themselves whether they were on Chollima, and thus live and work, asking themselves whether they are on Mallima, he inspired the Korean people to turn out in creating a Mallima era.

To ride Mallima is the iron will of the Supreme Leader to add eternal luster to the achievements President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il had performed for the country and the revolution, times and history, as well as his great affection for the Korean service personnel and people to ride them on Mallima towards a happy future of a thriving socialist country.

When he visited the construction site of the Ryugyong General Ophthalmic Hospital in May 2016, he earnestly said that the hospital should be built to be boasted internationally and flawless even by the standard of the future at an early possible date. Visiting the construction site of the Medical Oxygen Factory, he instructed that the factory should be completed by September 9.

On his visit to the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Silk Mill in June 2016 he expressed his expectations and belief that its officials and working people should become the model for the country in the Mallima era by rushing forward on Mallima, upholding the Party’s intentions, as their preceding generations had done in the Chollima era, racing against time on Chollima as intended by the President and the General.

His infinite trust in them to become models for the country in the Mallima era following the tradition of the Chollima era touched the heartstrings of not only the working people of the silk mill but also other people across the country.

Greatly inspired by this, the Korean service personnel and people created miracles and successes of great significance in the national history, adorning the new era of Mallima.

The DPRK, overcoming all challenges and difficulties, charged ahead at full speed to develop rapidly day after day, racing against time.

In the course of this, it consolidated its status of a nuclear power, a military giant, in the East, opened up a broad avenue to a space power, and erected numerous monumental structures such as the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station No. 3 and the Wonsan Army-People Power Station. Many industrial establishments and cooperative farms across the country surpassed the peak-year level. The Korean People’s Army stood in the vanguard in adding luster to the history of “gold seas” and a miraculous success was achieved in the restoration effort for the areas in North Hamgyong Province devastated by a sudden natural calamity.

Even the south Korean mass media commented on the Mallima speed of the DPRK in surprise. They said they had thought at first that it was a mere exaggeration, but it was the truth that the DPRK was going to dash forward at the pace of Mallima, as much as ten times of Chollima. They continued that the Chollima movement created by President Kim Il Sung was added by the speed campaign movement proposed by General Kim Jong Il and multiplied by ten times.

Thanks to the outstanding leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who is writing a brilliant chapter of the socialist political history, cherishing a firm belief that the strength, intelligence and mettle of the people are the best in the world and nothing is impossible when the masses are mobilized, more and more miracles are being wrought out in the country and the Songun Korea is nearing its final victory.









Under the sagacious leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un the Korean people are achieving world-startling,

miraculous sucesses with the spirit of self-realiance and self-development as the dynamic force





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