Post date : 2017-05-10

Juche106(2017) / 5 / 10 /

Work Report at 7th WPK Congress


The report to the Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea on the work of the Central Committee by the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is the immortal program and militant banner that shed light on the road to be taken by Korean service personnel and people to hasten the final victory of the cause of the Juche revolution.

In his historic report Kim Jong Un expounded the tasks for independent reunification of the country.

He said:

Our Party’s struggle for national reunification was a just struggle for the country and nation, in which it endeavored to defend the spirit of national independence, achieve national unity and open up a new era of national prosperity in the acute confrontation with the anti-reunification forces within and without.

Smashing the obstructive moves of the anti-reunification forces that are not desirous of seeing one Korea, our Party advanced the national reunification movement without letup by consistently adhering to the President’s Juche-oriented line of reunification.

Our Party’s struggle to implement the Juche-oriented line of reunification made dynamic progress from one generation into the next under the energetic leadership of General Kim Jong Il and, in this course, a solid foundation for realizing the cause of national reunification was laid out.

Thanks to the wise leadership of President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il, peerless patriots and lodestars of reunification, the cause of national reunification could advance along the path to national independence through the decades and century after century, despite the complex circumstances in which separatist forces within and without were resorting to despicable means, and the internal forces of national reunification grew stronger to prevail over the anti-reunification forces.

We should pull down the barrier of division as soon as possible and open up a broad avenue to national reunification in keeping with the unanimous desire and requirements of the entire Korean nation.

It is the firm determination and will of our Party to achieve the country’s independent reunification by carrying out the lifelong wishes and instructions of the President and the General.

We should open a way to reunification by consistently adhering to the three charters, which crystallize aspirations and demands of all the compatriots and whose vitality has been proved through practice.

In our struggle for national reunification we should hold high the banner of national independence and great national unity. It is important to ensure peace and security on the Korean peninsula and strive for reunification of a federal type.

National independence, great national unity, peace and federal system—this is the policy our Party follows in its struggle to pave the way for the country’s reunification by implementing the three charters for national reunification.

The pressing issue in achieving independent reunification of the country is to bring about a radical improvement in inter-Korean relations. The countries responsible for Korea’s division and its neighbors should refrain from inciting distrust and confrontation between the north and the south and do things beneficial to Korea’s reunification.

Nothing is to be afraid of and impossible to do in the world if the north and the south share one purpose and join efforts.

When reunified, our country will demonstrate its grandeur as a dignified world power with an 80 million population and enormous national strength, a nation of advanced civilization capable of beating others by dint of indomitable national spirit and unexcelled resourcefulness and a nation of justice playing the leading role in ensuring peace in Northeast Asia and the rest of the world.

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