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With Great Generosity


The great leader President Kim Il Sung was the lodestar of reunification, who provided the Korean people with a noble program of the great national unity. Cherishing deep the centuries-old desire of the people to live harmoniously in a reunified country, he led all the Korean compatriots along the patriotic road of reunification with great generosity.

Korea was divided into the north and the south in the 40s of last century, owing to the US imperialists that militarily occupied the southern part of the country, and since then the Korean people have been subjected to the misery of national division.

President Kim Il Sung waged the bloody struggle against the Japanese imperialists to win back the country and, after national liberation, energetically led the building of a new country in the northern part of Korea. Busy as he was, he put forward at every period and stage of the developing revolution lines and policies aimed at achieving the country’s reunification independently and peacefully by the united efforts of the nation, including the proposal of holding the Joint Conference of Representatives of Political Parties and Public Organizations in North and South Korea in April Juche 37 (1948).

The President called upon the Korean compatriots, who were apprehensive of the destiny of the nation, to unite as one, whether they are in the north, in the south or abroad, communist or nationalists, poor or rich, atheists or believers, transcending all the differences. His ennobling patriotic appeal inspired all the Korean compatriots with the great enthusiasm for reunification.

With broad magnanimity and generosity, he made no issue of the past of the people, if they cherished a national conscience and turned out in the struggle for national reunification, irrespective of the differences in ideology and ideals, religious and political views, and classes and strata. He wiped the slate clean of the guilt-ridden people who felt sorry for the crimes they committed in the past and came over to the side of the nation, and led them along the path of reunification and patriotism.

When Rev. Mun Ik Hwan, a prominent public figure of south Korea, and his party visited Pyongyang in the spring of Juche 78 (1989), the President warmly welcomed them as an envoy of reunification and said in the following vein: The reunification issues should be solved through dialogues of the north and the south; All the matters can be solved only through openhearted discussion between the north and the south; Just as you and I have already become intimate through two times of meeting and so have no problem unsolved, it is important for the north and the south to sit together and discuss matters on national reunification; I subordinate without any reservation to anything intended for the country’s reunification.

His words that day manifested his ennobling intention of love for the country and the people.

Greatly touched by the President’s boundless generosity with which he united the entire nation for one purpose of reunification and patriotism, Kim Ku, known as the mastermind of anti-communism, and many other political and public figures from south Korea came to the north to attend the north-south joint conferences held after the liberation. And when the high-level political talks between the north and south of Korea was held in Pyongyang in May Juche 61 (1972), the south Korean delegate said that he agreed with the President’s instructions in all respects and expressed his determination to adopt the three principles for national reunification put forward by the President as the guideline of all his activities.

Not only them but such anti-communist politicians as Choe Tok Sin and Choe Hong Hui, who had held important posts in the military and the government in south Korea but later sought refugees in foreign countries, Rev. Kim Song Rak in his advanced age, composer Yun I Sang and many other envoys of reunification visited Pyongyang to hold contacts and dialogues. And all the Korean compatriots in the north, the south and overseas turned out in the nationwide grand march towards reunification under the banner of the great national unity.

The undying exploits President Kim Il Sung performed in arousing the entire nation to achieve the cause of national reunification, saying that the country’s reunification would be the greatest present for his people, will go down for ever in the history of the Korean people’s reunification movement.

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